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Privacy Policy

Taiheiyo Seiki K.K. (“Taiheiyo Seiki” below) has established a privacy policy, and Taiheiyo Seiki directors and employees strive to share, handle, maintain, and manage personal information appropriately in accordance with this policy.

1Collection and use of personal information

1 Information collected

In order to identify individuals and contact them directly, Taiheiyo Seiki may ask for personal information such as company names, individual names, zip codes, addresses, phone numbers, and email address. Note that we may not be able to contact you if information that could identify an individual cannot be provided.

2 Purpose of use

Any personal information sent to or obtained by Taiheiyo Seiki (“customer personal information” below) will be used only when it is determined necessary to contact a customer, such as when sending company information or product samples.
We may entrust some duties to a third party in order to perform our business duties. When doing so, we may also entrust customer personal information, and this information shall be protected under this privacy policy.

Customer personal information shall be stored within the required scope for performing our business duties.

3 Provision to third parties and secondary use

Customer personal information may be provided to certain stakeholders (those required to comply with the Taiheiyo Seiki privacy policy) belonging to companies affiliated with Taiheiyo Seiki (including Kunshan Taiheiyo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd), within the scope required for the purpose and activities of this website.

Information will not be provided to any third parties without the customer’s consent, except as described below.
Information registered by customers may be disclosed to third parties within the scope required to satisfy customer requests(for example, providing addresses and names to shipping agents to deliver information or samples).

We may also provide information to public organizations (such as courts or police organizations) when requested to do so from said public organizations, in accordance with the laws, regulations, and rules of Japan.

2Compliance with laws, regulations, and internal rules

Taiheiyo Seiki strives to comply with personal information laws and regulations.
In order to do so, Taiheiyo Seiki creates personal information protection rules in order to safeguard personal information, ensures that these are followed through means such as employee training, and establishes organizations to comply with laws and regulations.