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Message / Corporate Philosophy


We continue our voyage with the needs of our customers and market serving as our compass, as we continue to expand our corporate activities focusing on manufacturing, with the ultimate goal of satisfying our customers and market.

As the world continues to change with a bright future ahead, we at the Taiheiyo Seiki Group aim to continue to reform and transform our business and contribute to society, so that we can continue to show our potential, determine the needs of our customers and market, and provide attractive products to the world.

We will continue our efforts to earn the business of customers all over the world with a focus on preserving the environment. We look forward to your continued business and support.

President Takao Takizawa

Corporate Philosophy

The Taiheiyo Seiki Group contributes to society through conducting our business activities.


Prioritize customer satisfaction
and provide attractive products
to the world.


Continue to reform,
achieve excellence,
and continue to excel.


Aim to realize
abundant lives for
stakeholders and employees.

Management policy

  • 1

    Promptly set up a system of production and supply to meet global requirements.

  • 2

    Aim to fortify and accumulate technologies unique to the Group, and promote the development of new products and research in new technology.

  • 3

    Foster a corporate culture that provides employees with a sense of achievement and fidelity.

Quality management policy

By establishing a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001, we aim to become recognized as having excellent quality, technology, and employees by further fortifying and developing unique technologies and proactively improving the qualities required of a global company, so that customers all over the world can purchase our products with peace of mind, and so that we can provide products and services that are even more attractive, in addition to reliably providing high-quality products.
We aim to realize this quality management policy by coming together as a single organization to build and make full use of a QMS, as we run through a continuous improvement cycle.

Quality management policy

Environmental management policy

We fulfill our social responsibilities through manufacturing products, set goals for reducing our load on the environment, and contribute to realizing abundant societies with the participation of all members.